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Paige Gregson - Okanagan Real Estate Agent

I have updated my 'welcome' here in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic that has changed so much for so many people.

While there is much to say, my hope is that you're doing well in light of isolation, job loss and uncertainty and that you and your family are healthy and safe.

If you've landed here I'm thinking you're curious about real estate so I will stick to that. The common questions that are being asked are...What is the market like right now? Should I list? Should I buy? What do showings look like - are they happening right now? If I need to sell or the kind of place I've been waiting to buy comes on the market, how does everything work at the moment?

Since the first signs of how businesses needed to change, I and my colleagues and the real estate industry in British Columbia and across Canada have been talking and collaborating on how to work, if we should be working and if so, how to service clients while practicing recommendations by health professionals.

Real estate as an industry is integral to providing people with one of their most basic needs. In order to continue providing people with a roof over their heads, real estate has been deemed an essential service and the practice of selling and buying continues for those who need it.

A plan and protocols have taken shape with a system that help people navigate selling and viewing properties in which the recommended health practices and protocols have become a new standard for all of us.

This includes how showings are conducted. Not only when we're in a home but starting with qualifying the home and making sure it's a fit on all fronts before we meet in person to view it. Agents also ask about their client's current health circumstance as well as their own and confirm no one actively has flu symptoms, has travelled in the last two weeks or has been in contact with a person who is experiencing flu symptoms or who is positive for Covid-19 as well as instructions on how to conduct themselves while in a home by not touching anything in order to avoid contact points. Once in the home, we all keep our distance and no one touches anything other than the agent to get the key from the lockbox and open the door.

With regard to 'how's the market', at the moment it's brisk and is very fluid and is changing moment by moment. We however, entered this time with a lack of inventory in the Okanagan and that is continuing today. If you're a seller, know that some properties are going to multiple offer and/or selling quickly. Buyers are still able to get mortgages and if you're unable to get through to your lender, I have direct access by cell phone and email to Bronwyn Watson of CIBC in the Okanagan who is ready to help agents and their buyers with new mortgages, even while it's a busy time working with refinancing applications while mortgage rates are good.

If you'd like to chat further about how I may help you during this time, in a safe way that that works with the health recommendations while still providing you with what you need, please give me a call at 250-308-2928.

Thank you and stay well,

Paige Gregson

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